Sugarland Texas Accor Hotel

Buying new tyres for your car or truck can be one of the best ways to ensure a smooth ride for years to come. Whether you want to keep up with the latest and best tires, brakes and other parts of your vehicle, you can find them here. Come and stay informed about the best tires for cars and trucks in your area.

In addition to regularly scheduled oil changes, you can also request a battery test for a service that will benefit the health of your engine. A quick test shows whether your car's battery supplies enough power and at what temperature it can fail.

Please note the key package that you will receive with your check to plan your cleaning service for that day. Fresh towels and bed linen are available for 1-7 nights for $1.00 per night or $5 per day for nights. Mail and fax packages are delivered directly to the rooms at the end of the working day, and copies of all services and outgoing fax services are available for a small fee.

If the stay is less than seven days, guests can pay for the entire stay up to one week at a time. Guests paying the weekly rate will be charged for their stay at check-in and for all their stays at check-in. If the stay is not longer than three days, it is due on the first night or if it lasts seven days. For longer stays ThanSeven - Days, all guests are required to pay one week in advance. We charge a pet tax of $150.00, which may not exceed 150% for pets, and we charge $1.50 per day for dogs and $0.75 per hour for cats.

Guests who cancel or fail to show up will lose their prepayment for a non-refundable deposit of $3.00 per night. If you cancel within 24 hours, you must cancel the reservation or we will charge the price indicated on the credit card that contains the reservation. Guests who have cancelled or failed to show their reservation will lose all of their deposit, including taxes. Pets are subject to a $50 per month tax, which may not exceed 50% of the month per pet.

It is our policy and practice at Extended Stay America to require advance payments for all guests in our rooms. Depending on the number of nights you spend there, our services are designed with a common goal.

We empty the garbage, fill up soap and toilet paper as needed, replace soiled towels, make beds with existing linen, change linen and towels and empty the garbage. We empty our garbage and fill up shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toilet paper and empties as needed and change liners and towels.

We perform more than 19,000 oil changes daily and install more than 1,500 new oil filters, filters and filters. You can rely on our experienced technicians to offer superior repairs to your vehicles and save you money. If you need a quick fix for your rough, tumbling diesel car, you can visit us at our Houston office or make an appointment online today.

We also take care of your budget and take our commitment to the environment very seriously and try to refresh unnecessarily wasted natural resources. We take care of the hoses and seals on your car and truck, as well as the tires, brakes and other parts of your vehicle.

More About Sugarland

More About Sugarland