Sugarland Texas Intercontinental Hotel

Hilton Houston Post Oak welcomes two pets of any size for an additional $50 per stay. All restaurants, bars, fitness centers and other hotel amenities are pets - friendly and welcome, two pet sizes at no extra charge for $20 per stay. The Hilton Texas Intercontinental hotel in Sugarland, Texas, and all of its restaurants and bars are pet friendly. Hilton Dallas - Fort Worth, Hilton San Antonio International Hotels in Houston and Houston International Hotels in Dallas and Dallas, respectively, are dog and cat friendly and have a pet size of two.

Hilton Houston Post Oak welcomes two pets of any size for an extra charge of $50 per stay and Houston Sugarland a pet size of up to 80 lbs. No additional charge for a tax of $35 per night. Located in the heart of downtown Houston, Hilton Texas Intercontinental Hotel Houston, Texas offers extended pet policies for extended stays. Two pets over 80 lb. are welcome at no extra charge, two pets in two sizes for $20 per day for two nights.

The Courtyard Sugar Land Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Sugarland, Texas, just a short drive from downtown Houston. Located on the corner of South Main Street and Brooks Lake Road in Zuckerland, Hilton Texas Intercontinental Hotel Houston Post Oak is located on Brooks Lake and offers a peaceful environment for patients and their families.

Four-legged guests are provided with food, water and bowls and can feast on dishes from the pet menu of the room service. Treats are always available at reception and there is a designated pet area on the property.

All four-legged guests must be accommodated in the room if left unattended and all pets may be left unattended in the same room for a short period of time. Dogs and cats are allowed in all rooms, but not on the first floor or in any other part of the hotel.

All four-legged guests must not stay unattended in a room unless a "Do not disturb" sign is hung on the door. All right - dogs must leave the room with a sign that says "Do not disturb" hanging on the door and no more than one pet in the room at a time.

There is no need to insert pets in the "Guest" box when making a reservation, unless you can add a pet fee. Please contact your host or read the house rules or contact the host and read them for yourself.

Please contact your host or read the house rules or contact the host and read them for yourself. Contact the owner for more information about the hotel's pet - friendly policies and regulations, plus pet fee.

The individual owners of the Vrbo properties are being investigated by their local law enforcement agencies. Individual hosts of Airbnb properties determine their own pets - friendly policies and regulations as laid down in their Airbnb policy. Individual hosts and Airbnb owners determine the appropriate policy for their pets.

There are no restrictions on size or length and pets must not be larger than 1.60 m and no longer than 1.80 m.

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Please note the key package that you will receive at check-in to plan your cleaning services for the day. Fresh towels and linen are available for $1 per 7 night stay or $5 per night for one night. Mail and fax packages are delivered directly to the rooms at the end of the working day, and a copy of our service and outgoing fax service is available for a small fee.

We will be happy to support you in the development of care services and provide you with additional information and details. Please arrange hospital, hotel and transport arrangements.

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