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I was born and raised in Houston and served the city for nearly ten years, but I lived there long enough to still spend a lot of time enjoying all that the city has to offer. I was also a leader in security arrangements and although the governor allowed the dining rooms to reopen in May, we have gone with them time and again and enjoy a steady business on the edge of the abyss.

The restaurant has slightly different menu options, such as a weekday happy hour menu, served from 3-6 p.m., and a full day brunch menu.

If you can't decide between the two kitchens, you should buy a burger with Pakistani hunter meat, similar to corned beef. Several salad options, such as tuna tartare, are an option for a stay - fresh outdoors, while the fried fish platter and its options will more than quench hunger. If you fancy soaking up the heat with a spicy option and discovering the spicy and savoury side of Hakka cuisine, choose the Manchurian beef shrimp and chicken. There are also a variety of other dishes, such as chicken and pork chops, pork ribs, pork belly and even pork belly.

Don't miss the smoked breast fillet served with a special drinks menu and try your favourite with the grilled chicken. For a healthy brunch, add an egg to an avocado-corn toast and top it off with fried onions and a slice of bacon.

The wine list offers reliable options that add a few surprises to the price, and guests are also allowed to bring their own bottles for a $12 fee. With over 100 refreshing drinks at your disposal, Coca-Cola Freestyle gives you the freedom to discover, enjoy and discover the perfect drink.

According to the required Open Texas protocols, the restaurant takes the temperature of employees, guests, hosts and booths. Staff remove chairs from the sushi bar and liquor bar, add partitions to the cabins and limit seats to 32% of the permitted capacity. The pens checked by the moderators are also disinfected before use, and all pens and check-in presenters have been disinfected.

While Zuckerland town square does not require masks for shops, there are working iron gates and landscaped containers in the area, which surround the outdoor dining area and protect it from passing. Planters full of greenery block the outdoor seating to keep foot traffic away from the dining room.

On the terrace hangs a large printed menu to facilitate ordering, as well as a QR code to find the table. When you arrive, park at a designated location and alert the store with your phone number, email or receipt. If you order near the phone, the item will be placed on your menu and the restaurant will be notified if you wish to pick up the curb.

Surrounded by tropical scenery, the fully covered deck is shaded for lunch and dinner and has carefully tuned fans to make the environment refreshing. The side decks are wooded areas, providing full shade for afternoon meals. Located on a busy corner, this, along with the wisteria - covered grilles above the house - offers an escape from the surrounding neighborhood traffic.

With a good selection of wines, beers and cocktails, you can easily beat the heat and enjoy the view at the same time. The terrace is elevated next to the walkway and has low - blown cooling units that ventilate the knee - flat tables that keep guests comfortable in the courtyard.

Located in one of the best corners of the town square, this local Tex - Mex chain features a wraparound terrace that ensures guests always find a shady spot to enjoy a great evening during the day. The terrace is fully shaded for lunch and brunch at weekends and also water - bebed by the locally created chain. This one-of-a-kind Indo-Chinese establishment has fully covered side terraces that shade lunches or dinners and are equipped with glass partitions to reinforce social detachment. The courtyard is located on one of the main highways in the city and offers a little rest.

Gurus sit on the terrace and inside, which allows for better social detachment, but also great views of the city skyline.

Sugar Land's location is on Highway 6, with a park-like waterfront location, making it a perfect place for a picnic or a night out in the city. The second location of this popular memorial area was opened in summer 2015, with the terrace lining two sides of the building, allowing guests to find shaded outdoor seating and access to the outdoor terrace.

This sweet and cosy café is still one of the few places where you can buy Papoutsakia. With a menu that includes grilled pork chops, grilled vegetables and never-frozen burgers, there's something for everyone. This casual grill serves a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, side dishes, as well as a selection of grilled vegetables and meat.

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More About Sugarland